Convert JPG to PES Embroidery File

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How to Convert JPG to PES

Digi Embroidery is an embroidery digitizing service online. We provide the highest quality digitizing service at the cheapest price. Also, our quality is always the best. Because we have a team of some highly skilled professional digitizers. So, feel free to get in touch for any embroidery digitizing service. And convert your files PNG or JPG to PES files.

Convert JPG to PES Embroidery File

Convert JPG to PES Embroidery File

How do we convert JPG to PES embroidery digitizing files?

We have a team of some highly skilled embroidery digitizers. They use different embroidery software to convert JPG to PES. Not only DST, PES. Also, we provide almost all kinds of major embroidery formats. Because there are different machines which require different files. So, we try to provide all major available formats of digitizing to our clients. As well as the source file.

So, the first step of our digitizing is we ask the client for the artwork. And we give the price for the file according to the file. Whatever pricing options they choose, we offer the beatable prices always. So, after choosing the package, we ask the client to place an order or to pay for the file. As soon as we get the payment, we start working ASAP.

Remember: as soon as the client sends the payment, the order time countdown will be started. And we take 1 to 12 hours for normal files. And for complex and big files we take 12 to 24 hours.

How to Digitize Embroidery Designs For Free?

To digitize embroidery designs and to convert jpg to pes for free, Digi Embroidery is giving you a free trial digitizing. Here you will get a free trial digitizing of first 1000 stitches. Get in touch not or grab your free trial digitizing. Also, if you want to digitize yourself, you can take training from us. We also provide embroidery digitizing training courses internationally on the internet.

What is an Embroidery Digitizing Software?

An embroidery digitizing software is the software that used to digitize image to an embroidery file. There are so many kinds of embroidery files available. Mainly the most used embroidery format is DST. To convert JPG to PES embroidery file or DST file, you need to have an embroidery software. To get an embroidery digitizing software, you can contact us also. There is a huge amount of embroidery digitizing software available. Mainly the most famous of them are Wilcom, DGML, EMCAD, Bernina, Brillance, Barudan etc.


Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software

The Wilcom is a nice embroidery digitizing software. It has many advanced features of embroidery. Almost the major amount of digitizers use this software. It’s a bit expensive but really satisfying quality. In a short word, Wilcom is the most advanced embroidery software. In this article, I will try to explain some advanced tools of the Wilcom. So, you can better understand the quality of the software.

Normal Stitch Embroidery

For the normal stitch embroidery, it’s an awesome program. Because it’s very fast and bugs free embroidery software ever. There are many versions of the Wilcom. When they have released the version Wilcom 9, it’s increased the popularity of the company. From then till now it’s the best digitizing software in the market.

So, for any kind of flat stitch embroidery Wilcom is the best. Also, there are few dozens of competitors of it. But for the quality and perfection it’s our first choice.

Advanced Sequin Embroidery Digitizing

The Wilcom was the first program who bring the twin sequins. Also, their sequin digitizing techniques are really awesome. For any type of twin sequin its the king. We can use it convert JPG to PES sequins designs. Also, they have released some more advanced versions. Wilcom Embroidery Studio E2, E3, E4 etc. The E4 is the latest and upgraded software ever. For any type of advanced sequins, it’s really useful. Here are some names of advanced sequins techniques.

  1. Centered hole
  2. Off-centered hole
  3. Round shape
  4. Hanging shape
  5. Rectangular shape
  6. Square shape
  7. Flower shape
  8. Reversible sequins
  9. Two face sequins
  10. Floating sequins
  11. Uneven sequins etc.

Beads and Pearls

For the machine beads and pearls, it’s also useful. It’s included some advanced technology of beads. Where other software’s are still upgrading, Wilcom archived its dream. Nowadays there is some latest embroidery machine arrived on market. But without the latest software, we cannot operate those machines.

So, you should try the Wilcom. It will give you the ultimate pleasure of digitizing. Also, the most interesting thing in Wilcom is its technical sheet. You can generate a technical sheet nicely on it. Which will help you to operate a design on the machine.

Other Free Embroidery Digitizing Software

There is some free and cheap rate embroidery software on the internet. You can Google for free embroidery digitizing software. Also, you can contact us to get one to convert JPG to PES format.

What is Taping Embroidery

The taping is embroidery that stitches a tape with the thread on the fabric. There are many kinds of taping embroidery available. Also, many kinds of tape available with many different techniques. Today I will try to introduce you with some different taping that will boost your knowledge about taping embroidery Also, that will help you to understand how to convert JPG to PES embroidery file.

Convert JPG to PES

Convert JPG to PES

So, let’s discuss first, what is a taping or how it works. The taping is a type of fabric. It can be many kinds of fabric and many kinds of tape. We know that what is a tape now. Also, we know the difference of the different tape that made with ribbon, fabric, lace etc.

What is a Fabric Tape?

The fabric tape is a tape that made with laser cut machine. We choose an all over print fabric first. Then we select the shape of the tape. Finally, we insert the shape on the laser cut machine. So, the machine does the rest to cut the fabric for the tape shape.

What is Ribbon Tape?

Ribbon tape is a ready-made tape. It’s available in the market of embroidery accessories. Also, there are many kinds and quality of ribbons. Those are made from Different colors of materials and from different fabrics. You can search on the local market for some best quality tape.

Taping with Ready Made Lace

Lace is another type of ribbon. The lace is a smooth and finest ribbon that different than other tapes. Because sometimes the lace made with embroidery, sometimes with fabrics. Also, sometimes we can make lace with different materials.

What is a Beading and Stone Pearl Embroidery?

Beading embroidery is the embroidery with beads and stones. A lot of different kind of beads and stones available out there. But the machine embroidery beads and hand embroidery beads is completely different. The hand embroidery beads are individual and sewn on fabric one by one. But the beading of the machine embroidery is a continues lines.

So, we can use the continues chain of beads and stones in the machine. Also, now a days some latest machines available that can stitch individual bead. But the beading is a different thing. So, we must need a beading machine to stitch the beading lines.

Also, for the manual beads that sewn by hand is called manual beads. Different sizes of beads our there to convert JPG to PES. Many colors and many shapes. It’s quite different than machine embroidery beading. Also, it’s called manual embellishment. The manual work is really awesome. We can mix the machine embroidery and the manual embellishment on the same garment. So, it will look gorgeous and more special.

What is Stone Embroidery?

The stone is another material of decoration. There is two type of stone available. Manually sewn stone and heat press attached stone. I will introduce you some heat press stone attachment details. Because all stones are not attached manually. So, we need to use a heat press machine for that.

The smaller size of stone is the most popular one. From 3 MM to 1 CM stone is highly available.

What is The Hotfix Stone Embroidery?

The Hotfix is not directly an embroidery. It’s a part of the machine embroidery. Also, it’s a bit different than other normal embroideries. We called the Hotfix as a manual embellishment as well. To do the hotfix stone embroidery, you need to get a heat press machine and need to convert jpg to pes. Without heat press machine you will not be able to stick the stones. Because the stones of the hotfix are glued at the back side.

So, first, we set than on a machine according to our design on a poly paper. Then we keep the poly paper on the fabric and make sure the position is correct. Then just press it with the heat press machine for 3 seconds. So, it will stick the stones with the fabric tightly. Finally, you can remove the panel from the machine after completing the process. That’s the easiest process of the manual hotfix of the embroidery. 

Why do we use different Needle in Embroidery? 

There are many reasons for using various embroidery needles. Also, there are many variations in the needle thickness. So, according to the difference between the fabric thickness and type, we use various needles. Now you should know what kind of issue you may get on trying the same needle. It’s a bit tricky question that why we use different needles. The answer to this can be very simple. As like if you use a thin tire on a heavy truck then it will be a boom. The same theory used here. We need to keep balance on everything.

Convert JPG to PES FILE

Convert JPG to PES FILE

So, it depends on the fabric quality and thickness. Also, sometimes it depends on threads and other materials. Because sometimes we have to use different needles for different threads. Even for the different type of embroidery, we use different needles sometimes. So, you have to be an expert to handle these. It’s really a sensitive issue. Mainly for the embroidery quality and smoothness. So, if having a problem in adjusting this then ask someone expert.

Usage of Needle No. 7

I have already explained that there are many sizes of needles available. So, here I will explain the usage of the most thinner needles. We know that embroidery is the work of craft. Threads and needles are the main instruments of the embroidery. Let’s begin our topic about the thinner needles. For very light and soft fabric we can use thin 7 No. needle. Because we can’t use this on thicker fabric. It’s a very thin needle. So, only for the thinner fabric, we should use these needles only. As well as you need good file to convert jpg to pes file.

Usage of Needle No. 9

This embroidery needle is a bit thicker than the 7. It’s more comfortable to use in the embroidery machine. We can use this for thin and less GSM fabric. When you have a problem to use the number 7 needle, then try needle No. 9. Also, we sometimes use this needle for Single Jersey fabric. Because of its very light one. Even we use it for the mesh and these kinds of fabrics.

When do you use Needle No. 11?

This needle is the standard needle of the embroidery. We can use this needle everywhere. Even you can use this on thinner or thicker fabric. But better you adjust the needle with the fabric. So, it will be qualities work. Only if you don’t have any other choice only then you can use this everywhere.

Where we can use Needle No. 14?

This needle is a bit thicker needle than the 11. We use this needle for such a thick fabric. Because we can’t use a thick needle on the light fabric. If you do so, your fabric will show up holes at the edges of the stitches. So, do not use a thicker needle on the light fabric. I suggest you use this needle, especially for the denim fabric. Because it’s thick enough than others. Also, sometimes we use these needles for velvet and blanket fabric.

Where we can use 18 No. Thicker embroidery needle?

This is really a very thick needle. We rarely use this needle for embroidery. Because it’s very thick. Normally we use Needle 14 for the thicker fabrics. But there are few works of the fabric which is ultra thicker. So, normally we didn’t get that much thicker fabric which required this bigger needle.

For this reason, I’m not explaining about the other thickest needles. Hope this information will help you to understand the needle usage. Also, I will explain you some embroidery thread usage guide in my future article. Thanks for reading this article of Digi Embroidery.

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