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Get your files digitized for embroidery machine formats with guaranteed quality and unbeatable price.

Guaranteed Quality

Digi Embroidery provides quality embroidery digitizing service. Our quality is 100% guaranteed.

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Unbeatable Pricing

Our pricing is unbeatable compared to the market. We have few pricing packages for our clients.

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Fastest Turnaround

Fastest turnaround service. We take 1 to 24 hours for normal orders. But can treat ASAP if required.

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Unlimited Free Revisions

We provide unlimited free revisions for our orders till the client satisfy and get a best quality embroidery digitizing.

24/7 Available Service

We are always open and available for service. Sometime it takes time to respond but we reply all our mails as soon as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are very careful about our customers demand and try to give our best to make them satisfied.

Our Samples

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Free machine embroidery designs to download
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Starts From $5+

Very simple logos, letters, icons etc will be calculated under this pricing section. Get in touch from above section for your quotes.

Standard Files $10+

All standard files are starts from $10. Price will increase according to the complexity. Get in touch for the best quote for your logos.

Detailed & Complex Files $30+

Huge details & complex files will be calculated under this packages. This package is starts from $30 and will increase accordingly on the complexity.


A really fast and good result and communication. I'll definitely use and recommend Digi Embroidery again.
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Laura Fiig
Great communication. Very happy with product! Very patient with all my questions. Will be using services again.
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Available Payment Methods

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Our Progress Rate

Client Satisfaction Rate 98%
Satisfaction Rate 99%
Order Completion Rate 99%
Completion Rate 99%
Order Cancellation Rate 1%
Satisfaction Rate 1%

Embroidery Digitizing Service

Digi Embroidery provides the highest quality custom embroidery digitizing service. Our beatable and cheapest price starts at only $1 (for stitch per thousand package only). Digi provide the best quality embroidery digitizing in a quick turnaround. Normally our turnaround is from 1 to 24 hours for normal files. And 24 to 48 hours for big and difficult files. Also, we can treat as very urgent if our client asks. Feel free contact us by sending a message from the contact page for quotes or query.

Embroidery Digitizing | Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service

Custom Embroidery Digitizing Prices

Our pricing is always beatable. Compared to any other embroidery digitizing website. Digi Embroidery offer several packages for our clients. So, they can choose the best one.

Not only pricing, but our quality is also guaranteed. Here are the pricing packages that our clients can choose. Also, if our clients ask for a different pricing package for their regular works, definitely, we will consider their proposals.

Package 1 is the Standard Package:

  • Small files $5+ per piece.
  • Medium standard files $10+ per piece
  • Big complex files $30+ or according to the complexity.

“(This package is available for all clients)”

Package 2 Average Package:

  • $7+ per piece any files averagely (stitch less than 30000)
  • $10+ per piece any files averagely (stitch more than 30000)

“(This package is only for the clients who have regular orders)”

Package 3 Per Thousand Package:

  • $0.80+ Per Thousand stitches (from 1 to 10000)
  • $0.70+ Per Thousand (from 10000 to 30000)
  • $0.50+ Per Thousand (more than 30000 stitches)

“(This package is only for the clients who have regular orders)”

Best Embroidery Digitizing Service

Digitizing Embroidery Formats That We Provide

Digi Embroidery provide almost all kinds of embroidery digitizing. All formats for machines. Also, we provide the source file as well with our digitizing. Only if the client wants. So, for whatever formats you need, just let us know if we can provide it for you. We use various embroidery digitizing software. But mainly we use Wilcom. Because it’s the most advanced software. Here are some available formats that we provide.

    • EMB
    • PES
    • DST
    • JEF
    • U01
    • EXP
    • VP3
    • DSZ
    • TAP
    • CSD

Also, we provide some other formats as well. But it’s not fully described here. You can contact us for the formats you need. So, don’t hesitate to send us a message for from the top contact page. We will try to provide the best service.

Files We Need To Convert To Embroidery File

You can send us any flat image formats. Even source file of the image. Because we can change image formats accordingly. So, no worry about your file formats. Just send us whatever you have to digitize. Even if it is just a drawing. We can digitize it for you. Here are some formats that we can handle to digitize.

    1. JPG
    2. PNG
    3. AI
    4. PDF
    5. PSD
    6. BMP etc

Also, other available format you can send to us. Because use Photoshop. Illustrator. and Corel Draw to correct them accordingly.

Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service that is best in USA

Embroidery Digital service takes hand made embroidery. And sewing stitches to converts it to a digital format. We are the best at this task as we have experts who are trained to do flawless work. Also, we offer the most affordable embroidery digitizing service in the market. What we do is transform tangible work into stitch files. So, that embroidery machines can read the files easily. The work involves mapping or stitching. Extensive stitching ensures that all the digital version of the embroidery. Our Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service is always done on time. So, we do not just give your precious work as we know how priceless it is to you. Because, the finest professionals with years of experience handling embroidery digitizing.

Why to Choose Digi Embroidery for Affordable Digitizing Service?

There are so many similar services on the internet. Also, there are legitimate reasons why you should choose Digi Embroidery. But, our work quality is the best in the USA. Furthermore, Digi embroidery designers always deliver on time. We have been in the Embroidery Digitizing industry for a very long time. As a result, we have a clear idea about what you may need. We have done this a million times. Moreover, every client commended. We have had big clients like multinational companies. Who came to us to get the affordable embroidery digitizing service. So, as long as we stand strong, no client will return unsatisfied. Even though we are experts in this field. And know that we will blow your mind with results. Also, we still take time to understand what you want.

You are the most important thing for us. Listening to you may lead to special customization. And special features that are not present in the actual Embroidery design. This is not a problem for us. rather, it’s a great pleasure. Quality is a priority that we hold sacred. Excellence in Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service has brought as to where we are. So, you should always pick us for your embroidery.

Embroidery Digitizing Service in Affordable Price

What is Embroidery Digitizing Meaning

Embroidery digitizing is a method of changing your artwork into a stitch file. Examples of such art work include logos and emblems. The stitch file that is created is for embroidery machines to sew on clothing. Embroidery digitization is always done before tangible swing. The whole process is an art but also a precise science too. Also, there are few meaning of it. Converting. Changing. Transforming. Re drawing. stitching etc.

Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting existing artwork like a company logo into a stitch file that embroidery machine can sew. So, before any design can be embroidered, it must be digitized. Digitizing is a complex process that is both art and science.

Back in the day, old technology made embroidery digitizing expensive. Also, it was a process that took a lot of manual labor and huge lengths of time. However, those days are over. Now, technology has come to a point. Where the affordable embroidery is not a dream anymore. So, it’s possible to produce high-quality work in short periods. Also, Customization is not a problem anymore. There are many digitizing service online. However, you should not just go to anybody for your work. Other places rush it and make noticeable flaws. Not only that, if you approach them regarding flaws in the design, they will ask for more money. But we will never do that to you. We will do a perfect job and if you don’t like it, we will keep doing it till you are 100% satisfied.

How to Get You Design Digitized?
        • You can give us your logo or other designs such as patterns.
        • Also, pictures or even photos to digitize.
        • We can work with whatever you provide for sample.
        • So, to into an outstanding work of art. Furthermore, you won’t believe how accurate we can do the job.
        • Digi embroidery designers are not just skilled labor, moreover, they are skilled concept artists and art directors.
        • Meaning they can make creative decisions too.
        • If you are unsure about your logo, just give us an idea of your vision.
        • We will nurture that vision and turn it into something that everyone loves to look at.
        • Also, Digi Embroidery professionals can add patterns and designs from pictures or photos that you provide and add it to your logo just as instructed.
        • We promise perfection and innovation.

Our Affordable Digitizing Service Turnaround

Digi Embroidery has a lot of professionals who work around the clock. They are true professionals and always deliver on time. We have never submitted work late in our illustrious history. Also, if you have a deadline, we will make sure that you receive completely perfected work with in time. So, time is everything to us. But the fact that we deliver on time 100% of the time does not mean that there will be a lack in quality. You will get what you want in time all the time. This is true regardless of the complexities of work and bulk amounts. Also, we provide affordable service to convert jpg to pes files.

Our affordable embroidery digitizing alluring. Furthermore, we have helped companies around the USA to capitalize art we generate. Embroidery magazine comes to us regularly with bulk amounts of work. Also, they would not have partnered up with us if we lacking in any manner. We have done work that has been in newspapers, television, magazines, billboards, and posters. Also, we do a lot of work for humble folk who want to frame a work of art on their wall. We have not forgotten. Digi embroidery’s humble routes so we always stay true. So, there will be no difference in the quality. Also, in the work whether the client is a multinational company. Digi embroidery’s affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service is for everybody.

Other Cheap Embroidery Digitizing Services of Digi Embroidery

Other than Affordable Embroidery Digitizing Service, Digi Embroidery also provides other services too. Some of the other services include, custom embroidery digitizing, conversion of pictures to embroidery files, conversion of raster images to vector files, vector logo services, sequin embroidery digitizing, Applique, chenille, 3D, puff, taping and magic sequin services.

We provide cheap embroidery digitizing and vector art. People who want to explore the prospects of beautiful texture in pictures. They know how attractive this media is. And how well it captures the eye of consumers or beholders alike. Digi embroidery’s clients span across the globe. This was not the case in the past. Surprisingly. We started with only a few clients with very low tech technology. Back in the day, embroidery digitizing service was call punching. It was a strainius process and required a very long time. We had no idea that technology would come this far. The reason we prospered because of our workmanship, not high-tech technology.

The clients that we had long ago are still with us. Someone who benefits you at a low cost is hard to forget. Come to us regardless of who you are and what work you have for us. We will not deny you. Caring for The humble layman is what brought us to the heights of success. And we enjoy that now.

Why Digi Embroidery is the Best Digitizing Company in the USA?

Digi Embroidery is the best Digitizing Company in the United States of America for many reasons. For starters, we provide unlimited revisions so that you get what your vision dictated. We are the most cost effective service provider in the US market. Furthermore, no other company will pay as much attention to your satisfaction as we will. We are the best because we were able to prove so. OUR competitors only say what we do for real . If you want the real deal, look no further. America’s best will be at your service.

Affordable embroidery digitizing service is not available everywhere. Don’t let gimmicks and fake promises lure you in. Digitize embroidery designs nicely. They will rip you off at the end of the day. Rather, come to us because we promise to make it right. And until you are completely satisfied. We provide the cheapest rate. Digi embroidery designers have creative minds. Furthermore, you can give us sample to work like pictures you have. And we surpass your expectations accordingly. We can handle bulk work and deliver on time. There is no one better at affordable embroidery digitizing services than us.

Your work is our priority and your wishes are our commandments. Whether its profit or decorative purposes that you pursue, we will always be there for you. Make us your life partners like so many high-end clients done. You will not find fine any other affordable embroidery digitizing. So, we are the best choice for you. Get your money back if you are not satisfied. But we doubt that will ever happen.

Free Embroidery Design Files

We also provide free embroidery designs. Besides doing embroidery digitizing. You can get free designs as well. Because sometimes people search for free design to us. So, we have a page where our clients can download. Some embroidery designs are free. Also, we offer those free designs in various formats. But we don’t modify them for free. Only you can download them for free. If you want to change them. Then you need to order to customize it.

Our teams are specialized in embroidery. The machine digitizing. Machine readable file. And the quality stitch. Also, we have many other available services. But mainly our website provides digitizing. There are hundreds of digitizing company. But Digi Embroidery is the unique one. As you know we offer different pricing package. And we have the most creative team of digitizers. So, any issue related digitizing. Contact us or leave a message.

Our team always try to offer the best. Designs is actually a file. A file that we create. And of course if takes lot of energy. I can give you some example of design. Which may help you to understand. Also, you can learn about design. Before that let me tell you some features. Those what Digi Embroider provides. Checkout the list below.

                      1. Quality digitizing.
                      2. Always unlimited support.
                      3. Best pricing.
                      4. Unbeatable packages.
                      5. Always unlimited free revisions.
                      6. Guaranteed digitizing quality.
                      7. High satisfaction rate.
                      8. Quick turnaround

These are the service we provide. We ave also other offers. But digitizing is really a complicated work. So, need a lot of patience on it. Better you find a professionals for this. It’s a very unique creativity. Why need unlimited revision? Well, there are several reason behind this. I will explain you only few. So, you can learn the factors. Sometimes clients are worried. Because of the new digitizing company. So, go make more trust we do this. And this really helps to improve their trust.

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Feel free to let us know any question about our service. Or anything about your embroidery digitizing. Also, if you have any suggestion for us. To improve our business, you can send us. We will be happy to hear from you. Thanks again for visiting Digi Embroidery.