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Looking for the best quality custom embroidery digitizing service at unbeatable price and guaranteed quality? Then you are at the right place. Contact us now to convert your files into embroidery digitizing format in a quick turnaround. Visit our homepage for more…

Convert JPG To Embroidery File Right Now

Welcome to Digi Embroidery, this is one of the best embroidery digitizing providers online. We have over 8 years of practical experience in embroidery digitizing. We have a team of some highly skilled professional embroidery digitizers. And we convert JPG to embroidery file for all kinds of embroidery digitizing. Also, our quality is guaranteed and highly recommended. And we provide the highest quality at the cheapest price. Contact us for any custom embroidery digitizing. And to convert jpg to embroidery file in a quick turnaround.

Convert JPG to embroidery file

Convert JPG to embroidery file

How Do You Can Convert Image to Embroidery File Now?

To convert JPG to embroidery file right now, you can visit our “Contact Us” page. And you send us a message. We almost reply instantly for our client’s message. So, you can contact us and send us a mail. Add your image and dimension of the digitizing. Then we can check the file and can do necessarily. We can digitize your file into an embroidery format quickly.

What Is The Price Of Our Digitizing Embroidery Service?

Our digitizing embroidery price is the best and beatable. But you can compare us with other online digitizing websites. We have beatable pricing packages for our clients. Also, we offer three different pricing packages at the same time. To know more details about the pricing packages, you can send us a message right now with your files. And also you can visit our “About Us” page to know more details.

Convert JPG to PES

Convert JPG to PES

Do We Convert JPG to DST?

If you are looking for a DST file. Absolutely you can get the best quality DST files here. DST is an embroidery file format. Also, It’s the default format of the Tajima machine. And also, DST is the most used embroidery file format. So, we can convert JPG to DST for you easily. Our expert team is the best for the quality digitizing.

Convert JPG to embroidery file free download

Convert JPG to embroidery file free download

Do We Convert JPG to PES?

Not only DST and PES. We provide almost all kinds of embroidery digitizing. So, you can contact us now for your desired file format. Here is a short list of the file formats that we provide.

  1. EMB
  2. DST
  3. PES
  4. DSB
  5. JEF
  6. EPS
  7. VP3
  8. U01
  9. EXP
  10. TAP
  11. EXP
  12. CND
  13. TBF
  14. ZSZ etc.

Also, we provide some other embroidery digitizing file formats. We convert JPG to embroidery file in any major embroidery machine-readable file format. So, feel free to let us know about your desired file formats.

Other Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service That We Provide.

Digi Embroidery provides almost all kinds of custom embroidery digitizing service. From any flat stitches to the logo. And from logo to other any embroidery digitizing, we provide all of them. Because our digitizers are very expert and they have practical knowledge. And the do various embroidery digitizing always. Here is a short list of our experts can do. And also some related topics that will make our clients understand about our service.

  • Flat Embroidery Digitizing
  • Convert JPG to Embroidery File
  • Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service
  • Cheap Digitizing Embroidery
  • Convert JPG to DST
  • Logo Digitizing Embroidery
  • Raised/Puffed Digitizing
  • Hat Logo Digitizing
  • Convert JPG to PES
  • Sequin Digitizing
  • Magic, Reversible two Face etc
  • Applique
  • Chenille
  • Taping/Cording/Beading Embroidery Digitizing Service
  • Hand Effects
  • Manual Stitch Effect
  • And Other Digitizing Embroidery Service

There is a lot more embroidery digitizing techniques. So, better you discuss with us about your digitizing. And about convert JPG to embroidery file. So, you can get in touch on our contact page. We will be happy to assist you. Let us know about digitizing related issues.

Convert JPG to DST

Convert JPG to DST

What is Sequin Embroidery Designs?

The sequin embroidery designs are that design is the design which embroidered with sequin. First, you need to know what is a sequin. The sequin is an element of embroidery also called as Patti. It’s like a plain sheet cut into small round and different shape. Also, there are many kinds of sequins available in embroidery. But the most widely used sequins are the circle shape and the handing shape. Also, the hanging shape sequins have a lot of shapes. Because some of them called small hole sequin some big hole sequin and some of them know as magic or reversible sequin.

Sequin is really a beautiful material to decorate fabrics. But It’s widely used in ladies dresses. From T-shirt to salwar kameez, almost everywhere we can use sequins embroidery. Also, sequins with a different shape, we use on a different kind of embroidery digitizing. Also, the most popular sequins now a day is called magic sequin. Somebody also knows as reversible sequin. Because It’s really beautiful than others. So, for magic sequin, we have many options to stitch it.

What Is Reversible Sequin Designs?

There’s a huge amount of usage of reversible sequin in the last few years. Because it has many different and unique options to decorate. First, we can make it normal stitching sequin embroidery. Then we can do handing stitching designs with this sequin. Also, we can make reversible two different face design with this sequins.

The two face magic sequins also called at many other different names. Also, the widely used name is the magic sequin and the reversible sequin. Because the interesting thing on this sequin is the reversing technique. Normally the other sequin which is a center hole we can’t move. But the magic sequin we can reverse to the other part after embroidering on the panel. So, for this reason, it’s becoming the most favorite sequin designs in the world. 

How Do You Can Convert JPG To Embroidery File?

Some people ask us about how they can convert JPG to embroidery file themselves. Actually, digitizing embroidery is not something very simple. It’s not like image converting or video file converting. It’s very complicated and needs professionals to do. Also, each and every stitch you need to punch manually with some tools. So, if you have enough time then you can think about it. Otherwise, you can hire us to digitizing embroidery designs for you.

JPG, PNG, PDF, BMP, PSD formats are the image formats that normally we use the most. So, you can send any of these to us for your conversion. AI to DST or AI to PES is also an available service that Digi Embroidery provides with high authority.

If you want to learn embroidery digitizing. And if you want to download embroidery digitizing software. We can help you to do so. Contact us right now for any issues related embroidery.

Thanks for reading this article. about convert JPG to embroidery file. Hope this article will help you a lot. Especially, to find a professional digitizer and to learn to digitize etc. Also, Don’t forget to hit like on our Facebook page and other social pages.


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