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Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service For Personalised & Customized Embroidery

Custom embroidery digitizing is an increasingly popular service that has revolutionized the way we create personalized and unique designs on fabrics. At Digi Embroidery, we are proud to provide top-quality embroidery digitizing services to businesses and individuals alike, at an affordable price and with quick turnaround times.

What is Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service or Customized Embroidery?

Custom embroidery digitizing is the process of converting an image or artwork into a digital file that can be read by an embroidery machine. This digital file contains the instructions for the embroidery machine to follow in order to create the design. The process involves using specialized software to convert the image into a series of stitches and thread colors, creating a design that can be sewn onto fabric.



custom embroidery digitizing service

Why choose Digi Embroidery for your custom digitizing needs?

At Digi Embroidery, we offer a range of services to ensure that our customers get the highest quality digitized designs for their embroidery projects. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your custom embroidery digitizing needs:

  1. Affordable pricing: We offer our services at a competitive price without sacrificing quality. Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden fees.

  2. Quick turnaround time: We understand that time is of the essence, and we strive to deliver your digitized designs as quickly as possible. We typically complete orders within 24-48 hours, with rush orders available for an additional fee.

  3. High-quality digitizing: Our team of experienced digitizers uses the latest software and techniques to ensure that your designs are digitized with precision and accuracy. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work.

  4. Excellent customer service: We believe in providing exceptional customer service and support to all of our clients. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we work closely with you to ensure that your designs are created exactly as you envision them.

How does the embroidery digitizing process work with Digi Embroidery?

At Digi Embroidery, our embroidery digitizing process is designed to be simple and hassle-free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your artwork: You can submit your artwork to us in any digital format, such as a JPEG or PNG file.

  2. Receive a quote: We will provide you with a quote based on the complexity of your design and the number of stitches required.

  3. Digitizing process: Once you approve the quote, we will begin the digitizing process. Our team of experienced digitizers will use specialized software to convert your artwork into a digitized embroidery design.

  4. Quality check: Before delivering the final design to you, we perform a quality check to ensure that the design is accurate and meets our high standards.

  5. Delivery: We will deliver the final digitized design to you in the format of your choice, such as a DST, PES, or JEF file.

In conclusion, custom embroidery digitizing is a fantastic way to add unique and personalized designs to your fabric projects. At Digi Embroidery, we offer affordable, high-quality custom hat embroidery digitizing services with quick turnaround times and excellent customer support. Contact us today to get started on your next embroidery project!

What Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service We Provide?

We provide almost all kinds of custom embroidery digitizing services online. Digi Embroidery is a top-rated embroidery digitizing service provider online. Our service is always guaranteed. Also, we provide unlimited free revisions for your orders. Because we always try to make satisfy our clients. Also, sometimes we provide a money-back guarantee for our orders. So, feel free to Contact Us right now for your free quotes. 

Digi Embroidery provides all kinds of embroidery digitizing services. Here are some examples of digitizing that we provide. 

  • Custom embroidery digitizing service.
  • Any kind of stitch embroidery.
  • Sequins embroidery digitizing
  • Chenille embroidery.
  • Patches/Badges/Sticker etc
  • Puff/3D/Hat digitizing
  • Digitize logo for embroidery
  • business logo embroidery
  • personalised embroidery near me
  • custom logo embroidery
  • fast embroidery near me
  • machine embroidery digitizing
  • embroidery design digitizing etc.

Etc all kind of digitizing we provide. Also, we provide some advanced embroidery logo digitizing too. Like, twisted applique, magic sequin, reversible sequin, floating sequin, padding embroidery etc. Feel free to inform us of any query about digitizing. We will be happy to assist you. Because we always give priority to customer service.

custom embroidery digitizing

What is Customized Embroidery Digitizing?

customized embroidery is digitizing service for custom logo and image embroidery. The chenille embroidery file is like the wool of the blanket. There are many kinds of customized embroidery and personalized embroidery available. Also, there are many different names for it. it looks like the wool of the sheep. Here I will introduce you to some other names of the chenille. It’s also can make another different stitch. That is called chain stitch. So, the chain is a nice stitch that is used around the moss. Also, the chain is always used beside moss. There is no other name for the chain stitch. Also, here are some names of the chenille embroidery.

  1. Chenille
  2. Moss
  3. Loop
  4. Terry embroidery
  5. Aari embroidery
  6. Towel embroidery
  7. Toweling etc

These are the common names of chenille. Also, there are many other names that can be available in other languages. But in English, normally we know the chenille in these above names. Because the chenille is a very nice embroidery stitch. It’s a bit expensive but very comfortable and gorgeous embroidery near me can make it the best quality. So, chenille embroidery is one of the best.

What is Applique digitize logo for embroidery?

The applique embroidery is the embroidery that is done with the applique of the fabric. Also, applique is a piece of fabric that can be cut with a laser cut machine or by hand. Normally we cut the fabric in two 3 ways to make the applique. So, you can say that the extra fabric that is attached to the main body is called applique. Because we always trying to find something new and innovative. So, the applique is the best way to decorate designs with another fabric.

  • Hand cut manually
  • Laser cut with a laser machine
  • Dice cut with metal Dice and press machine

After cutting the fabric we can stitch them. There are many different ways to stitch. Also, many creative and unique ideas to decorate. We can apply those to stitch the applique. So, we can decorate our embroidery design with it. Because of different kinds of applique with different colors make it nicer. Let me introduce you to some stitching techniques for the applique. Here I will try to mention some creative techniques of stitching.

  1. Raw edge
  2. Covered edge 
  3. See-thru
  4. Glue attached 
  5. Heat pressed
  6. Hand sewn
  7. One side open
  8. 3 side hanging applique etc

Also, there are many other ways you can stitch it. It fully depends on the creativity that you have. So, you can decorate your dress as your minds say. Because as an embroidery digitizer or as a fashion designer, you need to find creative ways to decorate. In another article, I will explain to you the difference between the various applique.

What Custom Digitizing Format Do We Provide?

You will get almost all digitizing formats from us. From Tajima to Barudan all formats we provide. So, you can get in touch with your desired format. Because embroidery is machine-readable work now. Also, dozens of formats are available for embroidery. Here are some examples that we provide.

  • EMB
  • PES
  • DST
  • DSB
  • TBF
  • JEF
  • TAP
  • VP3
  • U01
  • INB
  • DAT
  • PCS
  • PEC
  • CSD
  • YNG
  • SEW
  • JEF
  • EXP
  • CND
  • DSZ
  • KSM
  • HUS
  • T05
  • JAN etc

These are the available formats that we provide. Also, we can provide some others too. Feel free to email us for your formats. So, we can try to provide your desired one. Because we always try to provide the best service. Our goal is to provide the best embroidery digitizing service.


What is custom embroidery near me provides?

Custom embroidery digitizing is also being searched with custom embroidery near me is a process of converting digital artwork into embroidery designs that can be sewn onto various fabrics. This process involves using specialized software to create a digital file that contains instructions for the embroidery machine to stitch the design onto the fabric. Custom embroidery digitizing allows for more creativity and flexibility in the design process, as the customer can choose the artwork, colors, and placement of the design.

  1. What are the benefits of custom digitizing?

There are many benefits to custom embroidery near me digitizing, including:

  • Personalization: embroidery digitizing allows for unique and personalized designs that are tailored to the customer’s preferences.
  • Quality: Embroidery digitizing produces high-quality designs that are accurate, precise, and consistent.
  • Versatility: Embroidery designs can be sewn onto a variety of items, including clothing, accessories, and home decor, making them a versatile and popular choice for customization.
  • Branding: customized embroidery can be used to create branded items, such as uniforms or promotional products, which can help to promote a business or organization.


How does custom hat embroidery digitizing work?

Custom embroidery digitizing involves several steps, including:

  • Artwork selection: The customer selects the artwork or design that they want to be digitized.
  • Digitizing process: The artwork is digitized using specialized software to create a digital file that contains instructions for the embroidery machine to follow.
  • Thread and color selection: The customer selects the thread colors that will be used to create the embroidery design.
  • Embroidery machine setup: The embroidery machine is set up with the fabric and thread colors selected by the customer.
  • Stitching process: The embroidery machine follows the digital file to stitch the design onto the fabric.


What are some popular uses for custom embroidery?

Custom embroidery digitizing can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Clothing: Embroidery designs can be sewn onto clothing items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets, to create personalized and unique apparel.
  • Accessories: Embroidery designs can be sewn onto accessories, such as hats, bags, and scarves, to create personalized and stylish accessories.
  • Home decor: Embroidery designs can be sewn onto home decor items, such as pillows, blankets, and towels, to create personalized and stylish home decor.
  • Branding: Custom embroidery can be used to create branded items, such as uniforms or promotional products, which can help to promote a business or organization.


According to Stahls’, a leading provider of embroidery and garment decoration equipment and materials, “custom embroidery digitizing is the process of turning artwork into a digital file that can be read by an embroidery machine and stitched onto a garment or other item.”

As explained by Grand View Research, “the growing demand for customized and personalized products, coupled with advancements in digitization technology, is driving the growth of the embroidery digitizing market.”

In conclusion, custom embroidery digitizing is a versatile and popular way to add unique and personalized designs to a variety of items. With the use of specialized software and equipment, high-quality embroidery designs can be created, providing endless possibilities for customization and branding.

Janine Nicole Payne
Janine Nicole Payne
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It has been so much fun turning my graphics into embroidery art! I am new to this and have been treated with professionalism and patience...and communication has been wonderful, so I know just what to expect. This is the start of a long lasting business relationship! Highly recommend! A++ work
Nafissa Aqrim
Nafissa Aqrim
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Great digitizing service.... Thank u I'm very satisfied with your price.
Saiful Tutul
Saiful Tutul
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Excellent embroidery digitizing page that will help us to improve our experience with machine embroidery.

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