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How to Find the Top Rated Embroidery Digitizers?

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Why do we use different Needle in Embroidery?

There are many reasons behind using the various embroidery needles. Also, there are many variations in the needle thickness. So, according to the difference between the fabric thickness and type, we use various needles. Now you should know what kind of issue you may get on trying the same needle. It’s a bit tricky question that why we use different needles. The answer to this can be very simple. As like if you use a thin tire on a heavy truck then it will be a boom. The same theory used here. We need to keep balance on everything.

top rated embroidery digitizers
top rated embroidery digitizers

So, it depends on the fabric quality and thickness. Also, sometimes it depends on threads and other materials. Because sometimes we have to use different needles for different threads. So, needs the top rated embroidery digitizers for smooth finishing with thin needles. Even for the different type of embroidery, we use different needles sometimes.

So, you have to be an expert to handle these. It’s really a sensitive issue. Mainly for the embroidery quality and smoothness. So, if having a problem to adjusting this then ask someone expert.

Usage of Needle No. 7

I have already explained that there are many sizes of needles available. So, here I will explain the usage of the most thinner needles. We know that the embroidery is the work of craft. Threads and needles are the main instruments of the embroidery. Let’s begin our topic about the thinner needles. For very light and soft fabric we can use thin 7 No. needle. Because we can’t use this on thicker fabric. It’s a very thin needle. So, only for the thinner fabric, we should use these needles only.

Usage of Needle No. 9

This embroidery needle is a bit thicker than the 7. It’s more comfortable to use in the embroidery machine. We can use this for thin and less GSM fabric. When you have a problem to use number 7 needle, then try needle No. 9. Also, we sometimes use this needle for Single Jersey fabric. Because of its very light one. Even we use it for the mesh and these kinds of fabrics.

When do you use Needle No. 11?

This needle is the standard needle of the embroidery. We can use this needle everywhere. Even you can use this on thinner or thicker fabric. But better you adjust the needle with the fabric. So, it will be a qualities work. Only if you don’t have any other choice only then you can use this everywhere. But try to use the top rated embroidery digitizers for your files to get quality work from any needle.

Where we can use Needle No. 14?

This needle is a bit thicker needle than the 11. We use this needle for such a thick fabric. Because we can’t use the thick needle on the light fabric. If you do so, your fabric will show up holes at the edges of the stitches. So, do not use the thicker needle on the light fabric. I suggest you use this needle, especially for the denim fabric. Because it’s thick enough than others. Also, sometimes we use these needles for velvet and blanket fabric.

Where we can use 18 No. Thicker embroidery needle?

This is really a very thick needle. We rarely use this needle for embroidery. Because it’s very thick. Normally we use Needle 14 for the thicker fabrics. But there are few works of the fabric which is ultra thicker. So, normally we didn’t get that much thicker fabric which required this bigger needle.

For this reason, I’m not explaining about the other thickest needles. Hope this information will help you to understand the needle usage. Also, I will explain you some embroidery thread usage guide in my future article. Thanks for reading this article of Digi Embroidery.

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