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Logo Digitizing For Embroidery

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Get outstading quality custom logo digitizing for embroidery service on Digi Embroidery. We are a leading custom logo digitizing provider online. Digi Embroidery provides unlimited revisions and best customer supports to our customers. Feel free to get in touch for a quote of order your custom logo digitizing for embroidery online now. How A Logo […]

Transforming Art into Stitch – Convert Graphics to Embroidery

Digitised Butterfly in Blue Stitch

Download Design Shop Home Where Fabric Meets Art in Embroidery The craft of embroidery involves exercising thread, a needle, and cosmetic aches and designs to embellish cloth. It used to be a laborious fashion done by hand that demonstrated the handworker’s capability and abidance. The world of embroidery has drastically converted since the appearance of […]

Embroidery Designs For Sale


Order Custom Digitizing Download From Design Shop Visit Homepage For More.. Digi Embroidery is a good place where you can find machine embroidery designs for sale and also you can order your custom embroidery digitizing. Go to our Shop Page from the above menu to get the best deals. Where To Find Machine Embroidery Designs […]

Free Learning Topic 7: Travel Tools

travel tools

Another important tools of embroidery digitizing is Travel Tools. When one is working with an embroidery designs, one needs to understand the sequence of stitching. One can view the stitching of a design sequence by ‘traveling’ through it by colors or objects. The software simulates stitching out by switching stitches from black to their allocated […]

Free Learning Topic 8: Digitizing of Embroidery

Digitizing of Embroidery

Various Tools of Digitizing of Embroidery ( It’s all about Embroidery) 3D Embroidery (Three Dimensional): Another name of 3D embroidery is Puff Embroidery. It is a very unique technique to give three-dimensional looks to embroidery. A layer that is made of foam is placed under the area where your desired design will be embroidered. A […]

Free Learning Topic 3: Complex Fill and Fusion Fill

Complex fill and fusion fill

Order Custom Digitizing Download From Design Shop Visit Homepage For More.. Embroidery is one of the best handicrafts in the world. Once upon a time, it was crafted by hand. But the days have changed. Nowadays it becomes machine embroidery. So, the digitizing of embroidery become very much popular. So, To digitize the embroidery there […]

Free learning topic 11: Satin Stitch.

Satin stitch

Order Custom Digitizing Download From Design Shop Visit Homepage For More.. Satin Stitch is an important stitch in embroidery digitizing which is widely used for embroidery technique worked in close, parallel rows. Basically, this stitch used to fill in part of a design. The word satin stitch has been taking from its similarity to the […]

Free Learning Topic 2: The Importance of Complex Fill Tool

The Importance of Complex Fill Tool There are so many tools, among them, the complex fill tool is used for creating bigger shapes where a single stitch angle is needed, the tool is naturally associated with tatami stitching and the size of the object do help for determining the stitch type as well. It can […]