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Free Learning Topic 3: Complex Fill and Fusion Fill

Embroidery is one of the best handicrafts in the world. Once upon a time, it was crafted by hand. But the days have changed. Nowadays it becomes machine embroidery. So, the digitizing of embroidery become very much popular. So, To digitize the embroidery there is so much software. And Wilcom Embroidery software is one of them. And Complex Fill and Fusion Fill tool is one of the tools needed to digitize the embroidery.

Procedure of Complex Fill and Fusion Fill

In short, the works of Complex Fill and Fusion Fill tools are all the same. There is a slight difference between these tools. You can add one angle by using the Complex Fill tool but by using the Fusion Fill tool you can add multiple angles to an object. When you start to stitch an object, you have multiple options. Such as Input A, Input B, Input C, Complex Fill Tool and Fusion Fill Tool, etc.


To stitch big round or different sized object, you’ll select a complex fill tool. You’ll see C shaped tool, that’s the Complex Fill tool. So, when you are going to start to stitch the object, at first select the tool then you have to start from any corner you like. When you have finished sizing the object you have to press Enter once then you’ll see boundary 2. So, if you want to make a hole then you can add you’re desired hole now, then you have to press once again the Enter key. Now the main point. So far, in Complex Fill Nd Fusion Fill Tool these options are the same. The difference between the start from here

Key Difference between Complex Fill and Fusion Fill

By using the Complex Fill tool, You’ll see “Enter Angle Point”. Here you can add 1 angle point. Then you’ll see the stitches, for this to happen you have to press the Enter key. Here, you’re desired object has been done. But when you’re going to use Fusion Fill Tool, you’ll see Enter Angle Point 1, Angle Point 2 , go on and on. So when you’ll press the Enter button next, then you’ll see your desired object stitched.


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