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Why embroidery is still Popular Craft?

Embroidery is a popular craft form the ancient period to till now. It’s a worldwide popular craft which is basically seen on caps, hats, coats, blankets dress, shirts and so on. It is an old fashion of needlework which has been used worldwide for communicative and decorative purpose. So its explain why embroidery is still popular? Looking for the best quality custom embroidery digitizing service get touch with us.

The history of embroidery and the reason for being Why Embroidery is still Popular.

Embroidery is a worldwide popular craft, which adjustability shepherd to a variety of works from aristocratic to worldwide. Obviously all items of embroidery often were seen as a mark of wealth and status for this reason a professional technique was used by Opus Anglicanum in medieval England. On the other hand, embroidery is also a folk art which is nonprofessional work. Nakshikhata from Bangladesh is the example of nonprofessional embroidery art. Another nonprofessional embroidery is Sashiko in Japan

In the past time’s embroidery was viewed as an activity or hobby only for women. The uneducated women learn embroidery as a profession and implied it successfully in their live-hood. Historically embroidery was an important part of the mid-Islamic era. It is the “craft of the two hands” Said by a Turkish traveler. Embroidery was a sign of the upper social status of the Muslim era. It is also a widely popular craft. In the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar, pays much attention to it (embroidery). So that embroidery is still popular.

Why embroidery is still Popular Craft
Why embroidery is still Popular Craft

What specialty of embroidery which makes it popular?

The speciality of embroidery is that in every sector we find embroidered logos such as in the corporate sector, sports, and educational institutions. Embroidery logos focus on the popularity or familiarity of an organization. Suppose, when the employers wearing their company’s dress with embroidered logos they think that they are the part of this organization that focuses on the company’s brand, and it is also an advertising policy. Besides, it brings stability and respect to the organization. To achieve familiarity with the company through embroidery logos because when the clients come into contact with the brand or representative they just follow the company logos and instantly get the idea of the company So it’s an easy way to get the popularity or familiarity through the best embroidery logos. So now we can say embroidery is still a popular craft.

Embroidery is a figure of professionalism and it creates seriousness to the business partner which is not easy to achieve. The business partner always finds out the stability and organized company to do business with them. They (business partner) don’t want to do business which looks like disorganized and go down. So embroidery sends a message to the clients of firmness and security. Wearing the same brand clothes create a positive image of the employer which is another marketing tricks. In the sports sector, embroidery logos divided the team member.   

Why embroidery is fashionable craft?

Embroidery also has been used for fashion in every time and every weather. We get different types of embroidery work on our dress which is comfortable and fashionable for wearing in springtimes. We also find embroidered caps, hats, coats, jackets, and blankest in the autumn period which makes our life fashionable and colorful. For all this specialty it’s (embroidery) become so popular to us. Embroidery is a fashion that never fades. Does this explain why embroidery is still popular? Waring embroidered dress by women shows her creativity. If anyone wants to underline his or her beauty, then I recommended choosing embroidery craft. In the past time embroidery was a craft specially made for women but at present, it (embroidery) is used and made for both gender. So now we can understand why embroidery is still a popular craft?

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