Digi Embroidery

Free Learning Topic 7: Travel Tools

travel tools

Another important tools of embroidery digitizing is Travel Tools. When one is working with an embroidery designs, one needs to understand the sequence of stitching. One can view the stitching of a design sequence by ‘traveling’ through it by colors or objects. The software simulates stitching out by switching stitches from black to their allocated […]

Free Learning Topic 8: Digitizing of Embroidery

Digitizing of Embroidery

Various Tools of Digitizing of Embroidery ( It’s all about Embroidery) 3D Embroidery (Three Dimensional): Another name of 3D embroidery is Puff Embroidery. It is a very unique technique to give three-dimensional looks to embroidery. A layer that is made of foam is placed under the area where your desired design will be embroidered. A […]

Free Learning Topic 6: Outline Tools

Digi Fondles Embroidery Outline Tools

Outline tools is one the most important tools in Embroidery digiting. Your embroidery software is (Mine Wilcom Embroidery Studio e2.0) providing tools to create outline stitches of different thicknesses and styles. Digitized outlines (both open and closed) shape methods. Lines of different thicknesses are usually used to add borders, outlines, and details for shaping. There […]